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International Student Recruitment

Our vision is to help everyone in the world find the right education.

From the beginning of a student’s journey, our goal at educations.com is to be an informational hub that brings prospective students and universities together for a perfect fit. 

Learn more about how international student recruitment professionals work with us to reach their marketing objectives.

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International Student Recruitment Insights

Understanding your audience is key to making the right marketing decisions. Our articles, interviews with experts, and analyses can help you adjust and fine-tune your marketing strategy to reach and impact the right prospective students.

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Student Recruitment Trends in 2019 Report: Free Copy

As a meeting point for students and universities, we’re privileged to conduct the world’s largest survey on student recruitment.

Using the feedback of over 30,000 international students we gained insight into best college recruiting strategies.

We offer our report free-of-charge to help bridge the gap between changing student needs and the higher education marketers working to help them.

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A leading digital marketing company in the education sector since 2001, EMG is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden EMG employs 160 coworkers through custom search engines and other targeted services to aid education choice.

In addition to the global search engine educations.com, EMG currently operates locally targeted sites in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.