Connect with students wherever they are through our virtual event platform.

With a strong background in digital student recruitment, notable client support, and a cutting-edge virtual platform, we can help!

Build a realistic custom digital event

Are your students suffering from platform fatigue? Do something to make your institution stand out.

We can help your current or prospective students feel more at home at your virtual events by providing custom 3D mapping to your campus. With our architectural visualization and customization, you can bridge the gap between the virtual environment and the real-world.

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Virtual interactive platform

The cornerstone of a strong student virtual event is a robust platform tailored to the prospective student experience.

Show students who you are

Use a fully customizable virtual environment to virtually showcase your campus to international students.

A responsive experience regardless of device

With more than half of our virtual fair attendees connecting from a mobile device, it's important to put your best foot forward no matter how students connect.

Match with and qualify students

Using a customizable student questionnaire, you can match students to different booths at your event in order to help you prioritize and qualify students during and after the event.

Create engagement through live webinars

Looking to make your event more lively? You can host live sessions within our platform which integrates with YouTube Live.

Inform students with evergreen pre-recorded webinars

Showcase a schedule of pre-recorded webinars to help students get the information they need.

Greet and assist incoming student visitors

Make students feel welcome with a virtual reception desk offering live chat support and overall resources.

Monitor your event with live analytics

Every representative at your event can have access to live information as students enter different booths and interact with the resources you present.

Track and export student interest

Virtually every action a student takes is recorded in the platform and exportable to help you optimally follow-up with prospective students and take them on the next step of their journey.

Collect the information that you want

Whether at registration or through a student questionnaire, you can customize the information you collect from students when hosting your own event.

Engage meaningfully
with students

The heart of your event will be providing helpful information to generate great conversations.

Put your best foot forward with the information students need to start conversations

With searchable program listings, and space for trackable webinars, brochures, application links and more, you can give students the key information they need. 

Whether through a personalized avatar of your student ambassador at a booth, a warm welcome video, through to customizable booth appearance, you can communicate your university's values through your branding.

Virtual fair booth

Virtual fair platform chat function

Move your students forward in the recruitment pipeline through personalized engagement

With text chat throughout the fair, live video calls, and one-to-one bookable video meetings, prospective students will have many ways to reach out to you throughout the event.

You can host multiple representatives from your university at booths and they can proactively reach out with students as they circulate through the fair. You can also reject, shortlist candidates, or make notes on how you would like to follow up with the student after the event.

Host an
incredible event

We'll be there every step of the way to help you have a great experience.



Support in building a beautiful event

If you've struggled to adjust to the multitude of virtual event platforms in the last year, rest assured that we will be there every step of the way to support you. 

With information we help you collect, we build the virtual environment and booths for you including your representative profiles and logins.

Virtual fair exhibition hall

Training and consultancy for a smooth event

We offer pre- and post- event training and support to help you have a successful event and are alongside you on the day of the event for support and questions.

Marketing support for expanding your reach of the event

With nearly eight million prospective international students using our site every year and an active database of over 300,000, you can leverage our reach to help recruit students to your event.

Interested in learning more about virtual student events?

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