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Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about student recruitment with educations.com!

UCB logo

University College Birmingham

We've just celebrated one year working together, but it seems much longer as we're always in touch finding the best methods to improve UCB profile. Educations Media Group team is very professional, transparent and success driven. It's been a pleasure working with you!

We get very good quality referrals from your website. We've also analysed our data, and we've more than 10 applicants currently from the enquiries we received via your website holding an offer for September with UCB. Thank you, it's been a pleasure, and we at UCB are looking forward to another successful year!

kent logo (2)

University of Kent

We started working with Educations.com in September 2019, so far it has been a very positive relationship. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of the number of leads we have received and we are starting to see some of these leads convert to applications. Our top 4 countries in terms of leads are: India, Nigeria, United States and Pakistan and the most popular courses tend to be at Postgraduate level.

Penna logo


Having worked with Educations.com for clients in Scotland in the past couple of years, I have seen the product go from strength to strength, with current campaigns showing their performance far surpass other education portal sites – in the instance of one campaign Educations.com are responsible for 79% of enquiries compared to other sector sites. Additionally they are a joy to work with – always respond quickly with proposals, are forthcoming in recommending optimisations, and offer comprehensive reporting which is invaluable. A dream!

UC3M logo (1)

Universidad Carlos III Madrid

As a leading university in internationalization, online Marketing platforms such as Educations.com have become a key tool in attracting and managing our international students who decide to choose us to pursue part of their studies at a leading university in Spain and among the The best in Europe Educations.com has the most advanced means of the moment to reach this type of public and offer them their best option and with the utmost professionalism to understand the needs of our university and to always offer us the best in our case. Human quality, constant and close attention and their 100% involvement are what also makes one feel that they are part of your same team.

In our opinion, the best international online platform for offering studies and programs for students who want to be successful in choosing their academic future. 

Universidad Europea logo

Universidad Europea

We have been working with Educations.com for three years and we can say without a doubt that it is a reliable and attentive partner in adapting its services to the needs of its clients. Educations.com is not only efficiency, it is also the construction of a plan together to best develop the actions and activities put into action. We would definitely recommend collaboration with Educations.com to other institutions.

Universidad Gran Canaria logo (1)

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The collaboration with educations.com goes beyond a simple business agreement. Apart from offering greater international visibility to the postgraduate programs of our institution, something they have achieved, they are a great human team that offers personalized service, fluid communication and complete accessibility. We highly recommend them.

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Without a doubt, within the framework of the new technologies in which we all operate, it is unlikely to meet minimum promotional and marketing objectives if we do not have a convenient presence in the main digital information search engines at an international level.

In this sense, the solution offered by educations.com has fully met our expectations. We have achieved results that are difficult to achieve by traditional means in terms of scope, visibility and access to our academic offer. Likewise, the information provided by the digital platform is proving essential in terms of planning.

To the foregoing, it is only fair to add the efficiency and effectiveness with which the team at educations.com tends to cope, when we demand their attention, be it in technical or management matters.


The New School, New York

Educations.com is the perfect place for our outreach. The enquiries we receive are a great mix of international students from all over the world who are serious about finding their higher education destinations. 


Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

We have been working with Educations.com for several years now and value the collaboration. They are always very helpful and willing to improve their service level in order to drive more relevant traffic to our website. Educations.com is an important channel that fits within the awareness phase of our marketing funnel.


Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan

We have been working with Educations.com since 2010 and find it a good platform to connect with students that are looking to study abroad. We’re very happy with the service the Educations.com team offer and the exposure that they provide IED in the global student market.


Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede

Measuring the return on investment of our online marketing campaigns is key to our recruitment strategy. Only by defining and measuring key performance indicators can we determine the success of our campaigns. We not only focus on leads, as we found that data for leads can be flawed. We know for a fact that students tend to use a different email address in their application procedure, which makes it hard to guarantee a 100% match. Looking at referral traffic, we've seen positive results with Educations.com. By looking at conversions and multi-channel funnels in Google Analytics and taking into account applicant-to-student ratio's, we're able to calculate cost-per-applicant and cost-per-enrollment.


Swiss Education Group, Montreux 

Educations.com Media Group is a key lead generating tool for us in our marketing activities and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to reach students in the Nordic market. What makes EMG stand out is the quality of the leads generated and we have a great conversion ratio on the leads. Working with Michael and his team is a great pleasure and they have contributed in a significant way to our success over the last 7 years. 

Delaware CCC logo (1)

Delaware County Community College, Pennsylvania

Educations.com is our primary source for online marketing simply because of the quality of leads that they generate. Prospective students ask thoughtful questions because they are engaged and interested in your specific program. For students, the school information is well organized and easy for them to search. For school officials, the Customer Login provides easy access to leads and the ability to track the success of your marketing efforts. In addition, the customer service and speed of the Educations.com team is unparalleled. They are a pleasure to work with.

VHL (1)

VHL University Of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden

We are very happy with the service that Educations.com delivers and the contact is friendly and professional. As well as sending us high-quality referral traffic, the quality of the leads is always very high and the conversion rates to enrolments are equally good. Therefore, for us, Educations.com is one of the most valuable portals for us in our international recruitment strategy.

AdGen (1)

ADGEN, Leamington Spa

I have worked with Educations.com on a number of International HE recruitment campaigns for my clients seeking to target a mobile student audience across a number of different countries. In my opinion they are one of the best platforms available to access students who have actively decided to study outside of their country of origin. They offer a truly transparent and inclusive service and not only have they worked with us at Plattform to create totally bespoke pieces of inventory for our clients but they have supported us in all areas to ensure our campaigns deliver a quality response from those candidates most likely to convert.