2022 Winner of Study a Master's in Europe Scholarship Announced



Elnara Aghakishiyeva, an Azerbaijani student who plans to study Immunology in London, is the winner of the 2022 Study a Master’s in Europe Scholarship awarded by educations.com.  

Elnara has been awarded €5000 towards her tuition fees for her Master in Experimental and Translational Immunology at the University College of London (UCL) in the UK.

Having grown up in refugee camps as an Internally Displaced Person due to the Nagorno Karabakh war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Elnara saw first-hand the high morbidity and mortality rates of infectious diseases. Her experiences witnessing the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases among refugees in particular inspired her to study Medicine.

Elnara currently works remotely with researchers from St. George’s University of London as a project assistant on a clinical study which aims to reduce mortality rates from HIV-associated meningitis in low and middle-income countries in Africa.

After travelling to London a few years ago, Elnara fell in love with the city and its culture, which strengthened her decision to study abroad in the UK, one of the top five places to study abroad in Europe. Elnara’s choice was also motivated by several other factors, including the UK ranking first among European countries for its research output and number of distinguished scientists in the field as well as the UK being the leading country in Europe for HIV and AIDS research, which is Elnara’s main academic interest.

Elnara’s story and future plans align with the mission of Study a Master’s in Europe Scholarship, which seeks to recognize students who study abroad in Europe with the intention of becoming globally-minded leaders. After graduating from UCL, Elnara intends to use her international experience to establish a clinical research centre in her country which would focus on infectious diseases. She would also like to work for NGOs that promote health equity and access to affordable medical treatment

“Elnara has been an invaluable member of the team for the last two years. She clearly has a passion for the work we do and is always willing to go above and beyond to support the project in any way she can. And she is a pleasure to work with! We will be disappointed to lose her but thrilled that she has been given this amazing opportunity.” say Becky Gathercole, Global Health Operations Coordinator at the Institute of Infection and Immunity and Dr Angela Loyse, Chief Investigator of DREAMM. 

 “Elnara has inspired us with her passion and achievements within her field. She has deepened her knowledge of infectious diseases and aims to make contributions towards solving this particular problem in her country. We believe that she will become a globally-minded leader who is able to make a positive change in society through her work,” says Suci Ariyanti, Brand Specialist of educations.com.

About this scholarship

This is our third scholarship of this kind, the first one being awarded 2 years ago. It was introduced to help promote Master's programs in Europe and their power to shape globally-minded leaders from around the world, and is awarded annually. 

In this round, there were over 4,400 applicants to the scholarship and the winner was chosen based on their eligibility and the following criteria:

  •         Globally-minded and interested in other cultures
  •         Motivated and inspired to positively change the world
  •         High academic achiever with consistently outstanding grades to prove it
  •         Involved in extracurricular groups and activities
  •         Excited to begin their adventure and share their story with the world!

Students were asked to answer the question:

"Why did you choose your study abroad country, and how will it help you grow as a globally-minded leader?


2022 & 2023 scholarships

We have closed our Study a Master’s in Europe Scholarship  for studies starting in Fall 2022, but we are now accepting submissions for the new round of students who are going to study for a Master beginning in Fall 2023.

Our applications for the Study a Bachelor’s in the USA Scholarship 2022 are open until the 31st of August 2022 for students beginning their studies in the Fall 2022 semester. It's open to students from any country who will be studying a bachelor’s degree abroad at a college or university in the USA.

Our Go Global MBA Scholarship 2023 for studies starting in Fall 2023 is also open to students from any country who will be studying for an MBA degree abroad at a university or business school.

If your institute would like to promote the scholarships for your students, please contact scholarships@educations.com for details.


Suci Ariyanti

Suci Ariyanti is a Brand Specialist at educations.com. She is responsible for the brand and campaign strategy. Originally from Indonesia - Suci studied her Master’s in Sweden, Bachelor’s in Indonesia, and several short courses in Japan, Turkey, and China. Suci’s passion in global exploration and education led her to create content in the study abroad segment since 2017.