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Resources for Universities During COVID-19

Tips & Advice

Students all over the world have been impacted by the outbreak of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

With students struggling to figure out their options, universities have been charged with the task not only of providing their students with the right information but making fundamental shifts in recruitment strategy, working style, and how to make the right decisions for the good of their students and the good of their institutions. 

At educations.com, we recognize the upheaval that many higher learning institutions are facing and we’re here to help. Use this list to direct your students and staff to appropriate and authoritative information about COVID-19, discover tools to begin the process of digitalizing individual courses or degree programs, and uncover effective strategies for remote working to keep your team operating at maximum capacity during periods of isolation.

We have divided this resource list into four sections:

Helpful Resources for Your Students 

Immigration Questions

Questions surrounding student visas, work permits, and immigration are at the top of every international student’s mind at any time, especially during crises. Follow your government’s directives on immigration questions. Many national governments’ immigration authorities are continuously updating their websites in relation to COVID-19. Use the links below to get more information for your institution, for international students wondering what their governments are saying about the crisis, or find out how to contact immigration authorities from around the world.

North America

United States of America   

Central & South America, Caribbean Islands 

Costa Rica 
Chile  Trinidad and Tobago


Azerbaijan  Singapore 
China  Taiwan 
India  Thailand 
Israel  Turkey
Japan  United Arab Emirates 
Malaysia  Vietnam 



South Africa   



New Zealand  



Austria Iceland
Belgium  Ireland 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Italy
Bulgaria  Latvia 
Croatia  Lithuania 
Cyprus Luxembourg 
Czech Republic Netherlands 
Denmark  Norway 
Estonia  Poland 
Finland  Portugal 
France  Russia 
Georgia  Slovakia 
Germany  Spain 
Greece  Switzerland 
Hungary United Kingdom



Prepare Students To Study Remotely

Online Learning - What Is It And How Does It Work?

5 Apps to Help You Focus More When Studying At Home

How to Do Online Learning Right


Understanding Travel Restrictions

Adjusting to the new normal of international travel

Impact of COVID-19 on studying abroad in Europe: Overview


For Potential Students Taking TOEFL & IELTS Tests 

TOEFL and IELTS tests suspended in many areas but alternate testing options on the way


Resources for Universities & IHEs

Digitizing Courses: Advice and Helpful Tools 

3 Ways to Turn Your Classroom Remote in a Hurry

Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start

How to Be a Better Online Teacher

Zoom Video Communications

Google Hangouts


International Student Recruitment 

Student survey results: How has COVID-19 affected your study abroad plans?

COVID-19 triggers cancellations and delays but most students intend to follow through on study plans

Resetting international recruitment for extraordinary times


General Business Resources

Crisis Communications 

Harvard Business Review: Communicating Through The Coronavirus Crisis

Hubspot: Crisis Communication & Management Templates

Managing Remote Work

Guidelines for Converting Instructor-led Training to Remote Training

Business Training Continuity During Public Health Events

Settling Into Your New Remote Job: 3 Tips to Help You Ace Your First Month

Digital Communication Skills: Is Your Message Getting Across?

Zoom Video Communications

Google Hangouts


Health Resources For Students & Staff 

World Health Organization (WHO)

The WHO is a specialized agency within the United Nations, concerned with world public health. As the main international health organization tackling the spread of COVID-19, look to the WHO to get the latest updated information that could impact your business, including: 

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19;

Travel advisories;

Live media updates from WHO headquarters;

Advice for the public.

Learn more about COVID-19 from the WHO here


Center for Disease Control (CDC)

The Center for Disease Control is the primary health protection agency in the United States, under the Department of Health and Human Services. They keep an updated map of the spread of COVID-19 across the U.S., track the latest directives being given from the White House, and provide updated resources for: 

Businesses and employers: how to plan, prepare and respond to COVID-19; 

Individuals in high-risk groups: how to best protect yourself from the spread of the virus; 

Families: how to prepare for COVID-19 if you have children; and

Communities: including resources for schools and childcare services, colleges and universities, faith-based organizations, homeless shelters, first responders & law enforcement and more.


Johns Hopkins University & Medicine 

Johns Hopkins experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have been at the forefront of the international response to COVID-19. Amongst the free health resources they offer, you can find: 

Daily situation reports: Get the latest news from public health experts on the status of COVID-19 in the U.S. and around the world. 

Access to the Public Health On Call podcast: Discover science and evidence-based insights on the public health news of the day focused on the spread of COVID-19. 

Learn more about social distancing: Specific techniques to follow the advice of the CDC on how to curb the spread of the virus through self-isolation and social distancing.

The COVID-19 global case tracker: In an effort to provide you with the most up-to-date information the COVID-19 Global Case Tracker is updated frequently.



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