International Student Survey

Insights 2021-2022




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International Learning Environment

Wondering about emerging trends in your international student recruitment market this year? Our survey collected over 10,000 responses from students across 181 countries who are currently thinking about studying overseas. All dashboards will show you the latest data for only prospective students except for the Demographic Overview, which includes current and previous international students, as well as those who have decided against studying abroad. Use our data dashboard to find custom insights for your target market.



  • Use the teal menu tabs at the top of each section to see more questions organized by data themes. 
  • Use the drop-down menus below the menu bar to customize the data by country, region, and continent. 
  • Hover over the dashboard to view the number of respondents for each answer option.
  • Use the toolbar to move around the maps. Zoom in and out with the + and - buttons, and click the plus sign with arrows to drag the map.

If you're viewing the dashboards on mobile, select full screen and tilt your phone into a landscape view.








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Looking for detailed regional insights?
Using this year's International Higher Education Survey, we've analyzed prospective
international student trends over the last three years for students from seven different global regions.
Access the downloadable Student Trends Reports with the link below.

Access Regional Student Trends

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Written by Summer Bennett