Making a Great On-Demand Webinar for a Virtual Student Fair


At the 2020 Global Study Abroad Fair, institutes exhibiting will have the opportunity to get in front of students through on-demand webinars.

Here's what we recommend to make the most of this opportunity to engage and inform students:

1. Share content with students that is around 15-30 minutes

On your booth you'll have the opportunity to showcase a short promotional video about your institution. Your pre-recorded webinar is a different opportunity - one where you can engage students at the overall event.

Throughout the fair, they will see a list of webinars they can watch and information about which universities are presenting them. We recommend that your content is a good enough length to engage students but not so long that you lose their attention.


2. Share a video that engages students with answers to their most pressing concerns!

Not sure what on-demand video you should feature? We have some survey data from our 2020 International Student Survey that can help inspire your video content.

Students are most nervous about:

1. Tuition fees and living expenses

2. Finding housing and accommodation

3. Not speaking the local language

4. Visa requirements

5. Grade conversion


3. Let your students speak for you

According to our 2020 International student survey, after information about scholarships, hearing student stories was rated as the most helpful information students can get while deciding where to study abroad. If you have student Q&As, panels, or other webinars that put your students front and center, we recommend leveraging their voices for your webinar.


4. Highlight factors about your institute that resonate with students

If you have a great piece of informational content ready or planned, you might be wondering what might set your institute apart to pique interest.

According to our latest survey conducted October 1st - October 18th 2020, students rate the following 5 factors as most important in their choice of university.

1. Quality of teaching

2. Career services and industry connections

3. General reputation of the school

4. Welcoming nature towards international students

5. Accommodation & Housing


5. Live chat with students viewing your webinar! 

While watching your webinars students will be able to send your active representatives questions about what they're watching. This can help you provide real-time answers to students while benefiting from the ease of a pre-recorded video.


If you're exhibiting at the Global Study Abroad Fair 2020, in your second form you'll find a link to send us your webinar content. Have questions about what to include in your webinar? Reach out to Abby at

See you at the fair!

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