Announces Study a Master’s in Europe 2020 Scholarship Winner


Lauren Jacobson, an American studying International Health in the Netherlands is the winner of the 2020 Study a Master’s in Europe Scholarship awarded by


Lauren has been awarded €5,000 towards her tuition fees for a Master’s in International Health at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in cooperation with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


After working as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner in Massachusetts and volunteering her time as a Medical Evaluator for Physician’s Human Rights, Lauren was inspired to study abroad in the Netherlands which the European Commission cites as the top country out of 167 for combating human trafficking. 


With a family directly impacted by human trafficking, and through her volunteer work with refugees, she has been inspired to attain a leading Master’s program alongside health professionals from around the world. Lauren will graduate in 2021.


"We are honoured that Lauren Jacobson chose to study her master’s in international health programme at KIT Royal Tropical Institute and thankful to for selecting Lauren as the first grantee of this scholarship!" says Kim Vandenberghe, Marketing and Communications at KIT.


"Lauren’s motivation and goals, and the new scholarship’s mission are in perfect alignment with KIT’s mission and goals: For over fifty years, KIT has equipped health professionals to address public health challenges around the world. With our training programmes, we aim to develop effective leaders who have an impact. Our students come from different backgrounds and from all over the world but have one thing in common: their engagement in, and commitment to, improving health worldwide and helping those most in need."


Lauren’s story and path align with the mission of the scholarship which seeks to recognize Master’s students who study in Europe to become globally-minded leaders.


“Her goal of using an international Master’s degree to better advocate for disadvantaged populations who are at risk of gender-based violence is exemplary of the type of globally-minded leadership we would like to promote through this scholarship. Lauren’s story of seeking education through KIT and VU Amsterdam is an inspiration to us in our mission to help everyone in the world find the right education,” says Abby Guthrie, Communications Manager for



The Scholarship

This is's first scholarship. It was introduced to help promote Master's programs in Europe and their power to shape globally-minded leaders from around the world.  Initially intended to be awarded in autumn 2020, the scholarship award was moved to winter 2020/2021 in order to accommodate students who delayed their start of studies due to COVID-19.


There were over 7,000 applicants to the scholarship and the winner was chosen based on eligibility and the following criteria:

  • Globally-minded and interested in other cultures

  • Motivated and inspired to positively change the world

  • High academic achiever with consistently outstanding grades to prove it

  • Involved in extra-curricular groups and activities

  • Excited to begin your adventure and share your story with the world!


Students were asked to answer the prompt:

"Why did you choose your study abroad country, and how will it help you grow as a globally-minded leader?"


2021 Scholarship

Currently are accepting applications for their second scholarship for Master’s candidates starting their programs in Europe in autumn 2021. If your institute would like to promote the scholarship for your students, please contact for details.



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