4 Student Recruitment Advice Universities Should Follow In 2019



Digital Marketing is a very broad universe. Its utilities allow any business to find its ideal audience and sell successfully on the most appropriate platforms. Universities are one of the most valuable focuses for doing good digital marketing because they have a wide audience with a lot of interests and useful data to establish strategies.

When planning Digital Marketing campaigns for Universities it is important to take into account several trends and aspects. Here some of them:


Ebooks with academic content related to the programs

One of the most effective ways to position universities on digital platforms is through Inbound Marketing, which seeks to attract and sell thanks to useful and rich content. In this case, offering Ebooks with specific material of a program can be very attractive for potential students, since in this way they can approach content that really interests them and that have been facilitated and approved by the same teachers who will teach them in a near future.



It is no secret to anyone that images currently have great power on digital platforms. A good design, with the appropriate amount of text and a good way of summarizing the information can capture the attention of more people than a very large text. The infographics have been the ace under the sleeve of many brands that have found in this layout the perfect way to connect with their audiences. In the case of higher education institutions, infographics can be very useful: present the advantages of their programs and teachers, show statistics and studies that support their prestige or simply attract users to download their contents on a landing page.


Success stories

One of the most powerful tools to convince a person of the quality of a product or service is to show the good results they gave to other people. Universities are the focus where talented and successful young people meet. Publishing interviews to outstanding students, making known what they have achieved thanks to their university education, can be very powerful when it comes to reaching young people of university age and their parents, who will ultimately be the ones who pay for the service.



As we mentioned, visual elements are the big winners in current Marketing strategies. Using multimedia content such as videos, podcasts or GIFs is a good way to attract the public. Webinars are very helpful because they are highly educational and informative and are taught by an expert in a certain subject. It is an "exclusive" content that allows you to capture new leads and then contact them by other means (email or phone call).


Having a clear Digital Marketing strategy to promote the educational programs of a university requires in all cases the same delivery and creativity: to know in depth its Buyer Personas and their requirements, to design graphic, textual and multimedia content that seeks to provide solutions to their needs. At each step, measure the effectiveness of the strategies to make changes if necessary and never neglect the relationship with that lead to get them to enroll in the programs and start being part of the campus.

Remember that a student will begin a relationship with the institution that can last many years, and the sense of belonging they have with the University can condition many decisions of their future, even the institutions where their children will study.

Learn about this success story about marketing for universities, in which principles of Inbound Marketing were applied, achieving positive rates of enrolled students and new students.


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