The Winner of the Global Study Abroad Fair Scholarship



Sneha Kashyap, an Indian national, is the winner of the Global Study Abroad Fair Scholarship, awarded by Keystone Education Group.


Sneha has been awarded $3000 for return flights to her study abroad destination: the UK. In the UK, she will study MA English & American Literature at the University of Kent. A passionate writer, Sneha specifically chose the University of Kent as it is located in Canterbury, home to literary greats such as Charles Dickens and Geoffrey Chaucer. 


As someone who wants to work with English at an academic level, Sneha knew she would have to study in an Anglophone country in order to fulfil her ambition of becoming an author.


Sneha was attracted to the UK, one of the top five places to study abroad in the world, as, not only is it Anglophone, but it has been a long-standing dream of hers to live there. Her offer from the University of Kent, as well as this scholarship, are making that dream a reality.


Sneha's passion and her future plans align with the mission of the scholarship, which seeks to recognize students who will study abroad and can demonstrate enthusiasm for their chosen course, as well as clearly explain how it will shape the trajectory of their lives and careers. Sneha did just that. 


"All of us on the study abroad team were very inspired by Sneha's story," says Joel Durston, Content Editor at Keystone Education Group, "We are very happy to be able to help her on her path to the University of Kent...and to help her improve literacy in her native India and around the world. We're excited to follow her journey, and we wish her the best of luck."

About this scholarship


This is the first scholarship awarded by Keystone Education Group that is directly linked to an event. It was open only to those who attended the Global Study Abroad Fair, which took place between October 26th - November 9th 2021. Applications were submitted via five-minute interviews.


The Global Study Abroad Fair was our third such event - and our first as Keystone Education Group. The fair consisted of three geo-targeted events, with more than 80 schools exhibiting. More than 8700 students attended. The Global Study Abroad Fair helped many students find the right education for them.


Scholarship applications were submitted via five-minute interviews. There were over 70 applicants interviewed for the scholarship and the winner was chosen based on their eligibility and the following criteria:


  • Enthusiasm for study abroad overall and for their destination location.
  • Insight into how study abroad will shape their life and trajectory.
  • Ability to follow instructions for the pitch and communicate their message clearly and succinctly.


Students were free to interpret these requirements as they wished.


2022 scholarships


Applications for the Study a Bachelor's in the USA Scholarship 2022 will open on December 1, 2021.


We have also launched our Go Global MBA Scholarship for studies starting in Fall 2022. This scholarship aims to help promising business minds take their career to the next step by studying an MBA abroad. 


Our Study a Master's in Europe Scholarship for students continues into its third year and will be awarded to a student studying a degree abroad in Fall 2022.


If your institute would like to promote the scholarships for your students, please contact for details.



Luke Sandford

Luke Sandford is a digital content editor at Keystone Education Group. Currently based in Stockholm, he is originally from the UK. He holds a BA from Goldsmiths, University of Lund and an MA from Lund University. He has since written for several outlets and has worked as an English teacher, both at home and abroad. Luke's passion for travelling and experiencing new cultures directly impacts his work as he seeks to create engaging, informative and useful content for a wide range of audiences.